• Peter And Friends is a show created by Fireball 2020, It was created in September of 2016, But didn’t air until June 3, 2017.
  • Fireball had the idea for a show since 2013, But didn't have the capability to due to being young.
  • Fireball originally had the idea to pitch the show to CN, But didn't have the capability to due to being young.
  • He then had the idea full in 2016 when watching The Loud House, Though the show is nothing like it.
  • Peter made several characters similar to the Loud Siblings, Peter and Vince where the only real ones.
  • Months later, He made the first episode, It didn't get much attention
  • The show was then revived in 2018, Still not getting attention.
  • After Fireball had became friends with Arrow104, The show got more attention
  • Fireball then became friends with Jeremiah Plays Again, He then made a fanmade episode, Starting Season 2.
  • Fireball then became friends with That1Duck, He then started helping with the show, Including Jeremiah and Arrow
  • On February of 2020, Jeremiah was fired after being toxic on Discord, However, This Leads Into The Next Bullet Point.
  • In April 2020, Peter Signed A Contract To Hire Back Jeremiah. He Has Since Behaved On The Discord A Lot Better.
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