Jeremiah "Norton" Is a male character on Peter And Friends

He first appeared in the episode "Boredomm"

When he first appeared in the show, he had the appearance of Adeline from the Kirby series. He had this design for a good while until season 4 came, he had been changed to a more original look.

He also made a cameo in The first episode of Hika in the city, where he could be seen riding a subway train.

Jeremiah's Season 2 - 4 design dosen't have white on the bottom of his shirt.

Trivia Edit

Recently, Jeremiah Was Fired From The P&F Dev Team For Being Toxic To Others On Discord. According To His Twitter Description, He Is Formulating A Scheme That Will Earn Back His Place In The Dev Team, Currently, He Has The Idea In His Mind To Make Shorts For The Series. (If Peter Approves, That Can Officially Happen.)Edit

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